Reviewer feedback programme


Improving Peer Review via your feedback

To help us improve your experience as a reviewer, we have set up a program to collect your feedback. Where initiatives are put in place to improve the review process, this allows us to monitor the difference they make and helps us to plan future improvements.

What is it?

The Reviewer Feedback Programme monitors Elsevier’s performance from the perspective of reviewers on Elsevier journals. We’ll ask you about various aspects of EES and other aspects of reviewing via an online survey. Areas of interaction and support are measured and reported regularly. Elsevier's performance is benchmarked against that of other publishers.

Using reviewers’ feedback

Elsevier takes reviewers’ opinions seriously and the results and comments from this program are feed back into the company to help improve the reviewing process in terms of technology, sharing of information with reviewers, pre-screening of papers to make sure they are appropriate and of at least a minimum standard of English and minimising the administrative work reviewers are faced with so they can focus on the task of reviewing.