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ScienceDirect is home to almost one-quarter of the world's peer-reviewed full-text scientific, technical and medical content. Over 15 million researchers, health care professionals, teachers, students and information professionals around the globe rely on ScienceDirect as a trusted source of over 2,500 journals and more than 33,000 books. ScienceDirect supports research and education with interactive elements in articles such as audio, video, graphs, tables and images, and offers tools so users can keep current with research trends. Content on ScienceDirect also features embedded links to external datasets, including earth and environmental science data from PANGAEA, abstract and indexing data from Scopus and chemical reactions data from Reaxys. With over 13 million content pieces available—including pre-publication articles and open access content from Elsevier journals and our society partners—ScienceDirect is a premier platform for discovering the world of research.

Research & Development

To succeed in a corporate lab, you need to deliver innovative technologies ahead of the competition. To help you, look to ScienceDirect, an information solution that empowers corporate researchers with the tools and content required to drive better research decisions – efficiently and effectively.

Our corporate customers use ScienceDirect to:

  • Validate state-of-the-art technologies, and experimental techniques and methods;
  • Evaluate the technology landscape and determine innovation novelty required for bringing competitive products to market;
  • Inspire creative outcomes to research and development challenges;
  • Stay up-to-date with developments happening across scientific and technical disciplines.

Empower your research with ScienceDirect

ScienceDirect supports your research efforts by enabling you to:

* Discover more relevant insights.  Research available on ScienceDirect undergoes a rigorous peer-review process to ensure that the information you find is trustworthy and meets accepted industry standards for research quality.  You'll save time by reading only the authoritative research you need to make scientific decisions that impact your business. 

* Uncover new technologies, regardless of discipline. ScienceDirect provides researchers with unrivaled breadth of information across 24 major disciplines so you can feel confident that you are reducing the risk of overlooking key insights.  Whether you are looking for new technologies to apply within your own scientific discipline or you want to understand the prior art landscape before submitting a patent application, ScienceDirect can help you to increase your understanding of the current technology landscape. 

* Help you quickly find the information you need. ScienceDirect offers researchers the tools required to improve your productivity and competitiveness within your field.  You'll be able to easily refine and focus your search queries, stay alerted when important information becomes available, and get additional recommended alternative research that can help you better manage your information discovery.

How we support corporate researchers

Case Study: Leveraging Global Scientific Developments to Spur Chemical Innovation

Discover how an industrial chemist at one of the world's largest chemical companies relies on ScienceDirect to stay on the forefront of new avenues of thinking.

Case Study: How ScienceDirect and Scopus Inspire Innovation

Discover how ScienceDirect and Scopus support FEI Company, an innovative microscopy company, in its goal to help their customers find meaningful answers to questions that accelerate breakthrough discoveries.

Case Study: How ScienceDirect Help Make an Impact

Discover how ScienceDirect is helping an engineering consultant at a leading provider of integrated infrastructure asset management software solutions company to stay vigilant about the competitive trends impacting his industry.

Case Study: How ScienceDirect Knowledge Is Vital For Success at Repsol

Discover how access to ScienceDirect helps Repsol geologists and geophysicists to successfully juggle multiple projects by reducing the time required to evaluate challenges and make recommendations.

Case Study: How ScienceDirect Supports Chemical Innovation in the Oil Industry

Discover how ScienceDirect helps senior R&D managers evaluate and prioritize work in line with corporate goals, make investment and resource allocation recommendations, and quickly secure IP rights on new technology.

Librarians & Information Professionals


Empower your patrons with ScienceDirect

Your patrons depend on you to provide them with the most current and trusted resources available. Whether your library serves an academic institution, research institute, government agency, hospital or R&D business, you can feel confident that ScienceDirect will meet—and exceed—your patrons' expectations. Plus ScienceDirect supports you with tools, reports, training materials and more. 

  • Easily manage your account settings  and user IDs, grant remote access to users and add a logo or an image with the  Admin Tool
  • Understand user behavior and improve  collection management decisions with Usage Reports
  • Manage the details of your library's  subscriptions with Electronic Holdings Reports
  • Receive Title Alerts about new,  changed, transferred and discontinued titles
  • Take advantage of flexible subscription  and purchase models, from single journal articles to annual subscriptions, to  book collections and title-by-title options

Take advantage of these additional services and tools designed to help you:

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Researchers, Teachers, Students


Empower your research with ScienceDirect

Your work matters, and you need resources that are efficient and effective. ScienceDirect features sophisticated search and retrieval tools, as well as content integrated from a variety of external sources, to help you go beyond search so you can focus on your research, teaching or studies.

  • Read content your way in HTML and PDF formats
  • Enhance understanding with audio, video and supplementary materials submitted by authors
  • Connect directly to contextual  information embedded in full-text articles, including NextBio, PANGAEA, Scopus and Reaxys
  • Get advanced access to peer-reviewed  articles accepted for publication through Articles in Press
  • Dynamic reference links lead from  bibliographic references to abstracts or the full text of cited articles
  • Find graphs, tables, videos and photos by using the dedicated image search
  • Save time by personalizing features that  save, edit, re-run and combine searches
  • Stay current with new content on ScienceDirect by signing up to receive Alerts and RSS feeds
  • Organize your research, create  bibliographies, find relevant papers, collaborate with others online and more  with Mendeley - up to 2GB storage is free

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