Turn engineering challenges into opportunities

Engineers face growing demands to deliver more answers in less time with fewer resources. They are also now expected to become experts in multiple disciplines, which increases their reliance on research tools to help fill the gaps between hypotheses and actionable insights.

With the right tools at their fingertips, engineers can spend a lot less time searching for answers and much more time making critical engineering decisions.

Transform your search engine into a results engine

When faced with a problem, engineers are quick to take action, turning to search engines to get started. However, wasting valuable time filtering through copious search results is simply not an option. Instead of databases that return unwieldy amounts of marginally relevant content, engineers require quality, targeted research to save time and reduce the risk of costly mistakes further down the line.

Elsevier's solutions rely on advanced taxonomies that deliver the most relevant, credible results, including peer-reviewed research, award-winning books and interactive tools that let engineers manipulate the data the way they see fit.

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Translation tools for engineers

The answers to an engineer's questions are not always apparent on the surface, especially when the information required goes beyond words. Engineers often rely on a combination of full-text content and abstracts, as well as patents, charts, graphs, maps, images and equations to support their critical engineering decisions.

Elsevier's solutions are fluent in all data formats, pulling useful data with a simple search and seamlessly translating the results into an engineer's workflow.

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