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Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, High Tech, and Engineering

Information that fuels your scientific research

There are greater expectations than ever before for researchers in the corporate world. Therefore, they must search out and utilize methods that enable them to achieve their objectives more effectively and more rapidly. Immediate access to scientific information plays a critical role in R&D effectiveness and, ultimately, your company's growth and profitability.

Elsevier, the world's largest scientific, technical and medical publisher, provides an extensive array of integrated information tools – electronic delivery platforms, digital content resources, customized services and enterprise software – that support many aspects of your business. Elsevier's decision support tools and workflow solutions meet research needs across a wide variety of industries.

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Life Science Solutions

Elsevier offers a portfolio of proven interoperable, domain-specific decision support tools. Built from our understanding of and commitment to life sciences, the tools are designed to enhance how organizations make insight-based decisions.

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Life Science Solutions - Scientific Research and Development

Oil and Gas Solutions - Scientific Research and Development


Oil & Gas Solutions

Driving long-term business success has never been more challenging than it is today.  Elsevier offers scientific, engineering and technology research solutions that help O&G companies navigate this dynamic industry landscape.

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Chemicals Solutions

In a challenging industry landscape, chemical companies seeking to achieve competitive advantage must be able to develop new opportunities with speed and efficiency.  Immediate access to scientific, engineering and technology research is key to making confident business decisions and enjoying long-term success.

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Chemical Solutions - Scientific Research and Development


High Tech Solutions - Scientific Research and Development


High Tech Solutions

Companies face challenges to bring innovations quickly and effectively to market. As the rate of technological change continues to accelerate, information needs will grow and uncovering the opportunities that differentiate firms from the competition is essential for success.

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Engineering Solutions

From early research to applied engineering, Elsevier offers complementary products that address critical needs across the spectrum of research, product design & development and engineering activities within organizations worldwide. With access to trusted information and interactive data that can be easily incorporated into workflow, users can save time whether they need access to cutting edge research in journals and conference proceedings or materials property data and best practices.

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