Sharing your article

After working hard at investigating, experimenting and writing up your findings, it is important that you also start to think about how you are going to let others know about what you have been doing. Sharing your research and findings can help you make an greater impact in your community, leading to better collaborations and potential new ideas and innovations. Millions of researchers have access to your formal publication hosted on ScienceDirect helping users to find, access, cite your research using the best available version.

When sharing research we advise you to share a link to your article rather than hosting your full-text on multiple different platforms and servers. We recognize the importance of sharing research and offer all authors our share link service which is a personal, customized short URL link, valid for 50 days, which offers free access to your article on ScienceDirect.

Below is a simple guide to help get you started. For authors who have published gold open access, you can always share your article in the same way as your choice of user license.

I want to share my article
At a conference You can always present your research in forms such as a presentation, or poster.
For classroom teaching purposesYou can use your article for your own classroom teaching and internal training at your institution (including use in course packs and courseware programs.
For grant applicationsYou can include your article for grant funding purposes.
With my colleaguesYou can easily share your article with your colleagues through email.
On a preprint serverYou can always post your preprint on a preprint server. Additionally, for ArXiv and RePEC you can also immediately update this version with your accepted manuscript. Please note that Cell Press, The Lancet, and some society-owned titles have different preprint policies. Information on these is available on the journal homepage.
On my personal blog or websiteWe recommend that you list all your publications and link back to the final version on ScienceDirect to make it easier for you to be cited. In addition to this you can also post your preprint or accepted manuscript and any gold open access articles on your non-commercial personal website or blog.
On my institutional repositoryYou can post your accepted author manuscript immediately to an institutional repository and make this publicly available after an embargo period has expired. Remember that for gold open access articles, you can post your published journal article and immediately make it publicly available.
On a subject repository (or other non-commercial repository)You can always post your preprint version and you can also post your accepted author manuscript after the embargo period has expired. Remember for gold open access articles, you can post the published journal article immediately.
On Scholarly Collaboration Network (SCN), such as Mendeley, ResearchGate, Academia.eduYou can share your preprint or a link to your article on commercial sites. You can share your or a link to your article. Additional sharing options may be available, see
Social Media, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, TwitterElsevier will send you a 'share link': a personal, customized short link that you will receive after final publication of your article. It provides 50 days free access to your newly-published article on ScienceDirect to anyone clicking on the link. We encourage you to share this link on social media. After 50 days the share link will still work but automatically revert to a link to your full text article.

We recommend you to always check the guide for authors as exceptions may apply.