Soliciting papers

Upon acceptance of a proposal Guest Editors are requested to solicit papers for a Special Issue.

There are two ways of soliciting papers, which are relevant for both Special Issues which focus on a topic, as well as those which are based around a conference. The first is soliciting by Author Invitation and the second by Call-for-Papers.

Publication Schedule
It is required that Guest Editors agree to a time schedule and inform contributing authors of the deadlines for submitting and revising manuscripts. Elsevier staff will advise on realistic deadlines. Deadlines should be strictly adhered to, especially at the revision stage.

1. Author Invitation
The traditional way of soliciting papers is to approach individual researchers and invite them to contribute to a Special Issue. These researchers should be active in and have expertise on the Special Issue topic.

Paper preparation
Upon acceptance of an invitation to write an article for a Special Issue, Guest Editors will instruct authors to prepare their manuscript according to the Guide for Authors. The Guide for Authors can be found on each journal homepage on

Paper submission
Authors will be asked to submit their manuscript via the Elsevier Editorial System (EES). This can be done by clicking on the Submit Your Paper link, which can be found on all journal homepages.

2. Call for Papers
An alternative way of soliciting papers is to place a Call-for-Papers on the Elsevier homepage of the journal which has accepted the proposal. Guest Editors are responsible for preparing the Call-for-Papers text.

To view an example of a Call for Papers, please click on the link below.
Call for Papers template

When preparing a Call for Papers, Guest Editors should ensure it includes the following information:

  • Title of the Special Issue
  • Special issue topic
  • Special Issue scope
  • Guest Editor contact information
  • Author guidelines

Contact Information

At the soliciting papers stage
Any queries which are regarding scientific quality, the topic of an invited paper, or the content of a Call-for-Papers, should be directed to the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

At the paper submission stage
Authors with system queries can refer to the EES User Guide for Authors -

Alternatively, they can call support at the telephone numbers below:

  • For The Americas: +1 888 834 7287 (toll-free for US & Canadian customers)
  • For Asia & Pacific: +81 3 5561 5032
  • For Europe & rest of the world: +353 61 709190

Or contact support by writing to:

Please note that this information is also posted on the EES website and can be found by clicking on the "Contact Us" link.

Main Contacts at this stage:

For any queries on special content, please Contact us