Our production team assists Guest Editors, when papers are accepted for publication and moved to the production stage.

After acceptance
When Guest Editors accept papers for a special issue, they are entered into our Production Tracking System (PTS) and the typesetting process begins. Authors are then directly contacted regarding all matters involving copyright, colour figures and funding. Authors are also contacted if any queries arise whilst articles are being typeset. After typesetting, a proof is sent to authors incorporating any corrections that are needed to finalise a paper, so that it is ready to be compiled into an issue.

The Editorial
If applicable, an Editorial should be provided shortly after the final paper for a Special Issue is accepted, if not earlier. Editors will provide Guest Editors with guidance on what to include in an Editorial, as the length and content may vary between journals. Generally, Editorials (also called Forewords or Introductions) will introduce the theme of the Special Issue, with perhaps a discussion on how it contributes to current or past research in the field, and will also contain a short summary of the articles included within the Special Issue.

Confirming Special Issue details
Once all papers have been accepted the issue number for a Special Issue will be planned. At this stage Guest Editors will be asked to confirm a number of details, including:

  • The title of the Special Issue, as it should appear on the journal cover
  • Guest Editor names, affiliations and postal addresses
  • Any logos or special cover requirements
  • That all papers to be included in the Special Issue have been received

Finalising a Special Issue
When all typeset material is completed a Special Issue will be compiled, page numbers added and covers and prelims generated. If agreed in advance, Guest Editors are sent cover proofs for approval, before an issue is sent to print. If this occurs, any corrections or approvals should be sent within 24 hours. This will avoid any delays in issues being published.

Material check-list
Guest Editors are required to provide the following information at production stage.

  • An Editorial (sometimes called Introduction or Foreword), if needed and not already provided
  • Confirmation of Special Issue details
  • Running order for the Special Issue papers, if applicable
  • Logos or sponsor information, if applicable
  • Conference details, if applicable

Production times and deadlines
Production times for Special Issue papers, from acceptance to publication, will be defined by strict agreements which are in place with our typesetting suppliers and our printers. This ensures fast publication of papers, both online and in print. These can vary per journal.

System guidance
Instructions on the annotation of PDF files can be found here.

For any queries on special content, please Contact us