Options for promoting Special Issues

Guest Editors can maximize the impact of Special Issues by choosing from several options to promote their issues to audiences such as key contacts of the authors, conference delegates, or related research groups. Promotional options include distribution of additional softbound or hardbound print copies of the Special Issue, CDs / USBs containing the Special Issue or promotional online access to the Special Issue. The Quotation Request Form can be used to request a quotation for any of these promotional options. The chosen promotional options will be arranged for during the production process of the Special Issue.

Post publication, Guest Editors still have the possibility to choose promotional options for their special issues. For more information please contact your publishing content specialist or send an email to gepageinfo@elsevier.com.

Overview of promotional options

Product Type Definition
Softbound/hardbound copies Extra copies of Special Issues are available in different covers.

The covers of softbound copies are usually made of paper, whilst the hardbound copies are bound with rigid protective covers (typically of cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, or sometimes leather).
CDs/USBs CDs/USBs are available in a set, including a CD box, full colour inlays and full colour CD label. CDs on a spindle are not offered.
Promotional online access Promotional online access to Special Issues can be sponsored for a period of 6 or 12 months.

When an order is to be sent to multiple addresses, the Bulk Spreadsheet Orders Template should be filled in. Guidelines for completing this template can be found here. It is essential for Guest Editors to fill in the form correctly in line with the guidelines provided to ensure the correct and timely delivery of any orders.

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