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Online training

At Elsevier, we are committed to supporting authors and reviewers. We have developed freely-available, bite-sized training webinars and developed a series of one hour live webinars all containing useful tips and tricks on getting published, peer review, journal and article metrics, grant-writing and getting your paper noticed. Browse our channel below and view the short or elaborate versions by yourself or as a group.

Coming up are three new one hour webinars that will be hosted end of October. These online events are live with the possibility of submitting questions while you listen in with your peers. Topics that will be covered are: options in article publishing: open access or a traditional journal? How do reviewers look at your paper? Ways to get your published paper noticed. More information.


Archived Webinars by Topic


A range of experienced staff at Elsevier have pooled their knowledge to create a series of live workshops offering advice on everything from how the publishing process works to writing and submitting a manuscript.

Topics include, amongst others:PC_workshop

  • Introduction to Scholarly Publishing
  • How to Get Published in Research Journals
  • Open access Publishing
  • Successful Grant Writing
  • How to Review a Manuscript
  • How to get your paper noticed
  • The Impact Factor and Other Bibliometrics
  • Authors' Rights and Responsibilities

Since 2006, when the Publishing Connect program started, the number of PhD students, postdoctoral students and junior faculty participating has risen year on year; in 2012, our publishers and journal editors hosted a record 350+ workshops at global universities, research or educational institutions & conferences). The workshops are often hosted in countries where research is growing rapidly and knowledge of the publishing process is still relatively basic. In these locations, the modules on how to write a paper and authors' rights and responsibilities have been particularly popular.

Contact: For information on webcasts or how to arrange a workshop at your institution, please contact Hannah Foreman, Head of Researcher Relations

Hear what others say:

SQ-photo"Elsevier gave a workshop at Brunel University to doctoral students from multidisciplinary academic backgrounds. Their workshops covered journal publishing, how to write a scientific paper, and publishing ethics. Over 100 students attended this event and their feedback about the workshop content and presentations were very positive: over 95% of respondents to our survey said that the content of the workshop was either good or excellent. It is a great opportunity for students to interact with experts from the field of publishing and to learn from their experience. Highly recommended for early career researchers as well".

Dr Senthila Quirke
, Graduate School Tutor, Brunel University, Middlesex

wilmavwezenbeek"If we had offered the same information but used a more mundane title like say, 'Introduction to the Library' we might only have received 10 per cent of the attendees we attracted. It shows that output is important. Reputation is important. People really would like to write a world class paper".

Wilma van Wezenbeek, Library Director, TU Delft, organized a workshop titled 'How to write a world class paper' together with Elsevier.

"It was an excellent seminar which proved very helpful in providing support for writing articles to be published".
Author Anon

Around the globe: Live WebEx Author Workshop for AICTE institutions in India

In collaboration with the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), Elsevier hosted a live WebEx Author workshop in September 2013. There was participation from 22 Institutes from 10 states across India and over 1200 researchers, faculties and students directly benefited. The objective was to facilitate understanding of the publishing process of scientific journals. The workshop was lead by Mr. Keith Lambert, an eminent publisher with more than 30 years experience in scientific journals and books.


Key topics discussed:

  • Introduction to scholarly publishing
  • Best ways to prepare manuscript
  • Understanding the process of structuring an article
  • Use of proper scientific language
  • The reviewing process
  • Impact factor and other bibliometric indicators

Looking to arrange something similar? Please reach out to Hannah Foreman, Head of Researcher Relations. 

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Publishing 'Crib Sheets'

Elsevier has created a series of informative posters that are completely free for you to download and hang on your wall. Next time you are wondering how to get your research published and what ethical responsibilities you should adhere to, how to submit a manuscript review or how to secure that next funding opportunity – hang an inspirational poster on your wall to guide you through the process and bring you to success. They are also great 'crib sheets' to share with your peers!

Choose from the following options and watch this space – if you like them - we'll add more!

Click on one of the four posters below to download. PDF's can be printed up to A1 (841 x 594 mm) in size.










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