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Elsevier Clinical Solutions empowers healthcare providers and educates patients, driving the delivery of high quality, economically sound care through world-class clinical content integrated within clinical workflow and EHR systems.

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Clinical reference, integrated medical and drug decision support, patient engagement, productivity, and cost savings solutions across the healthcare continuum.

Reference and Decision Support

Finding the most complete and trusted evidence-based medical, surgical, drug and nursing content to support your clinical decision-making, wherever you happen to be - bedside, in the clinic or hospital, or even at home.

Clinical Pharmacology
Expert Consult
Journals Consult
Mosby's Nursing Consult
Procedures Consult
The Clinics

Clinical Practice

Integrating evidence-based content directly into EHR/EMR systems through care planning and clinical documentation, order sets, and current drug information to empower patient-centered care.

CPM CarePoints
Gold Standard Drug Database

Patient Engagement

Enabling care teams in any setting to share vital patient-friendly information through interactive and easy-to-use tools for exceptional ongoing care.

Custom Solutions and Data Licensing
ExitCare OnScreen

Performance Management eLearning

Enables administrators and managers to ensure consistent, top performance in patient care and administrative management through evidence-based, interactive training in clinical competency skills and expert training in key management effectiveness topics.

Elsevier Performance Manager
Mosby's eLearning
Mosby's Home HealthCare
Mosby's Skills
Mosby's Skills+
Revenue Cycle eLearning (ICD-10)

Services & Support

Professional services designed to maximize the impact of Elsevier resources and speed their integration into any EHR system.

InOrder Implementation Services
Professional Practice Services
CPM CarePoints Adoption & Optimization

Drug Information

Enables care managers to make smarter, more effective and accurate drug decisions through extensive and integrated reference and database tools built on the most trusted, up-to-date content.

Clinical Measures
Clinical Pharmacology
Form Checker
Gold Standard Drug Database

Drug Pricing, Cost & Analytics

Assures care managers and those receiving care of the most effective drug plan for the most favorable pricing through advanced tools that identify, analyze and benchmark optimal, available medication alternatives.

Predictive Acquisition Cost
Rx Price Verify

Education Products

Empowers students and faculty to achieve superior results in clinical education through world-class learning, test preparation, and reference tools from the most trusted sources.

Student Consult


Clinical decision-making, interprofessional care, professional development, patient and consumer engagement, healthcare business and economic strategy, and EHR/EMR partnerships and integration.

Evidence-Based Clinical Decision-Making

At every stage of patient care, evidence-based content can guide accurate clinical decisions.  By making our content accessible and actionable, clinicians can get answers when they need them most. 

Interprofessional Care

By developing tools that allow interprofessional teams to work together with the patient as the focus, and then providing the services needed to support your organization in maximizing their impact, we can empower care teams to improve patient care.  

Professional Development

Providing the content that healthcare professionals need to maintain their skills and certifications and the management systems administrators and managers need to guide the development of their teams.

Patient and Consumer Engagement

Patients and consumers need knowledge and solutions that help them make informed choices about their current conditions, drug decisions, and long term health.

Healthcare Business and Economic Strategy

The most current drug information and tools for organizations to make sound economic decisions about plans and care, and the ICD-10 training organizations need to prepare for changes and maximize revenue cycles.

Health Information Technology (HIT) Companies

By partnering with leading EHR/EMR companies, we're delivering evidence-based content directly into clinical workflows.  By supporting the needs of companies focused on pharmacy management software, consumer healthcare portals, and mobile application development, we're able to meet the content needs of companies on the cutting edge of healthcare technology.


Healthcare institutions, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, managed care organizations, and individual practitioners; retail pharmacies and clinics, academic institutions and students, EHR/EMR companies, government agencies, and professional and trade associations.

Healthcare Institutions

Healthcare institutions of all sizes can find the content their providers need, the solutions that foster patient-centered care, and the systems that drive improved patient outcomes at all levels.


Clinicians in all fields and specialties can access the most trusted clinical reference information with solutions designed around their needs and workflows.

Academic Institutions

By providing evidence-based content through solutions that offer enterprise-wide access, academic institutions can provide their faculty and students with the knowledge they need to excel.

Medical Students & Residents

By enriching our trusted content with the latest technologies, medical students and residents are able to achieve superior results in their clinical education.

Retail Pharmacies and Clinics

Whether it’s the clinical information needed to treat patients or the drug information needed to inform drug plans and decisions, we empower retail pharmacies and clinics to improve care and outcomes at every opportunity.

EHR/EMR Companies

With our breadth and depth of evidence-based content, Elsevier is in a unique position to partner with EHR/EMR companies and provide their clients with the knowledge they need to impact patient care through the technology platforms they already know and trust.

Government Agencies

With the scope of government agencies, Elsevier can provide the information and solutions they need to make informed decisions about patient care, drug policies, and standards and regulations.

Professional and Trade Associations

Elsevier partners with many associations to provide our publication expertise to their journals and titles, but we can also provide the knowledge and solutions their members need to stay on the cutting-edge of healthcare and patient care.

Payers, PBM’s and Pharmaceutical Companies

Health plans, Prescription Benefit Managers, and pharmaceutical manufacturers can rely on our world-class drug information solutions for pharmacy reference, formulary management, compliance, and pricing needs. Our clinical reference and decision support solutions provide expert medical information to inform patient care management and claims adjudication. And our patient education materials are ideal for consumer and member engagement programs.