Artwork & media instructions

Submitting your illustrations, figures and other artwork (such as multimedia and supplementary files) in an electronic format helps us produce your work to the best possible standards, ensuring accuracy, clarity and a high level of detail.

For specific details on how to format and submit your artwork, please check the topical pages listed here:

or download this PDF guide: Artwork and Multimedia Instructions Interactive PDF

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Use Elsevier's scientific and medical illustration services. Let us help you create the best artwork graphs and figures for your research paper.

Our professional illustration services can create or polish images to match your exact needs. We support detailed full-color and photorealistic images from sketches or convert existing images into more simplified line drawings. The delivery of detailed graphs and tables takes only 48 hours. 

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Illustration examples

sample graph - before/afterSample Medical 1 - before/afterSample Medical 2 - before/afterSample Medical 3 - before/after

Elsevier's policy on manipulation of images

Our policy is that no specific feature within an image may be enhanced, obscured, moved, removed, or introduced. Adjustments of brightness, contrast, or color balance are acceptable if and as long as they do not obscure or eliminate any information present in the original. Manipulating images for improved clarity is accepted, but manipulation for other purposes could be seen as scientific ethical abuse and will be dealt with accordingly.

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