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As part of Elsevier's Corporate Relations department, the Newsroom (newsroom@elsevier.com) is the company's main point of contact for (science) media.

Supporting them in their work to bring science to the public, we inform science writers about the latest research papers published in Elsevier journals through press releases, research alerts, our e-newsletter for journalists (see below for more information about the Elsevier Research Selection) and, upon request, by bringing them in contact with discipline specific publishing experts and journal editors.

Journalists wishing to search for their own stories can do so with media access to Elsevier solutions, including among others: ScienceDirect, Scopus and ClinicalKey.

In addition, we partner with national associations for science writers across the globe to increase our network of science communicators. We are always eager to hear from members of these associations to see how we can best work together to reach our joint objective: share scientific outcomes as broadly as possible.

If any of the above services is of interest to you as a science writer and you would like more information, or if you have any specific questions please let us know at newsroom@elsevier.com  or s.boucherie@elsevier.com.

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Elsevier Research Selection
Elsevier Research Selection

The Elsevier Research Selection is an e-newsletter developed by the Elsevier Newsroom for (science) journalists. It is sent out every two weeks, and spotlights interesting, topical research articles which have just appeared online on ScienceDirect, the world's largest repository of scientific full text information.

Articles included in the Elsevier Research Selection are available to credentialed journalists through a free media code to ScienceDirect.

You can download the two latest examples (PDF) of the ERS here and here

If you are a journalist and you would like to sign up for the Elsevier Research Selection, contact newsroom@elsevier.com