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Book Aid International
Book Aid International
 (BAI) promotes literacy in developing countries by creating reading and learning opportunities. As the UK's leading agency in book provision and library support for developing countries BAI focuses mainly on sub-Saharan Africa, working with partner organizations across 12 countries. In 2014 the charity celebrates its 60th anniversary.

Book Aid International provides new books donated by publishers, trains librarians and teacher/librarians, funds purchase of locally published books, and supports library refurbishment and infrastructure where possible. In 2012, UK publishers supplied most of over 548,000 new books shipped. Projects and trainings in areas prioritized by our partners include children's book services in libraries, community library development, health information provision and portable box libraries for schools.

Partnering with Book Aid International

Elsevier has donated approximately 260,000 scientific, technical and medical books since 2004 to a total of 211 partner institutions in developing countries. Elsevier is Book Aid International's largest donor of medical books, with 90,000 donated to date.  Book Aid International's high priority areas include agricultural and biological sciences, chemistry, dentistry, energy and power, engineering and technology, environmental sciences, health professions, immunology, life sciences, mathematics, medicine, nursing, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacology, and physics.

Books donated by Elsevier




Number of books
12,000 24,000
Medical books
50% 50% 47%
Higher education
30-40% 25% 25%
Cameroon, Erirtrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Occupied Palestinian Territories, South Sudan, Somalia and Somaliland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Kenyan librariesPartnering with Book Aid

Elsevier FoundationThe Elsevier Foundation awarded Book Aid International with $120,000 for a three year grant  (2011 -2013) to primary care health workers and consumer health information users. In partnership with the Kenya National Library Service (KNLS), the project developed the skills of 30 library staff across 15 key public libraries. Book Aid International worked with KNLS to repackage and communicate critical content from medical books to underserved Kenyan communities: healthcare providers and users. Donations from Elsevier and other publishers were used to supply the new "health corners". Watch the video.

"Through providing Health Hubs in 15 public libraries and training librarians and health workers, we have given medical professionals the tools needed to broaden their knowledge…In most project locations, the Health Hub was the only authoritative source of information that medical officers could find close to their jurisdiction. By increasing book stock and providing access to health information online, we have seen library visits and book issuing increase by 10%..." Caroline Kayoro, Project Manager, Kenya National Library Service

Health Information Hub