Content Innovation

Give your research the impact it deserves

We know as technology advances it's no longer enough to publish a flat pdf article. Your research is so much more and we want to enable you to present your work with maximum impact.

Now you can take advantage of the technologies available on ScienceDirect to enhance your article's value and engage its readers.

We've worked with hundreds of researchers to develop subject-specific article features designed to enrich and add context to your work. We give you the tools to present your work in the most powerful way and make your article stand out from the crowd.

  • AudioSlides

    Make an impact with a 5-minute presentation about your paper.

    Authors can now promote their work and summarize their main findings in their own words with AudioSlides, and host them freely on their own websites.

  • Interactive Map Viewer

    Enrich your article with research data visualized on an interactive map.

    Allow readers to interactively explore Google Maps (KML/KMZ files) submitted with the article, and to download the original data files.

    You can add geographic annotations such as landmark pointers or actual research data as a visual overlay. Now available for over 100 journals in earth, life, and social sciences.

  • Interactive Plot Viewer

    Share the valuable data behind your graphs.

    With Interactive Plots you can switch between line/scatter plot and numerical views, hover over a data point to see the value and download the full data for further use, all alongside the article on ScienceDirect.

    Readers can explore and interact with research data to build deeper insights into the research.

  • Interactive MATLAB Figure Viewer

    Use interactive figures to visually bring article data to life.

    Readers can now explore figures with data interactively, from all viewpoints and optical zooms, alongside the article on ScienceDirect with MATLAB Figure Viewer.

  • PANGAEA Linked Data

    Increase the value of your article by linking to underlying data.

    You can now add geo-referenced dataset links from your article to the PANGAEA data repository.

  • Database Linking Tool

    Bring data to life with data linking.

    We've worked with around 50 data repositories in all subject fields to add two-way links between ScienceDirect articles and data sources.

    For authors this also means increased article and data usage, and for readers one-click access to the data behind the article to validate results or re-use data for further research.

  • Virtual Microscope

    Explore high-resolution slide images.

    With the Virtual Microscope you can display high-resolution slides, magnified 40 times, alongside your paper on ScienceDirect.

    There's no need for special software or plugins you simply add your high resolution slides at article revision stage using our easy online tool.

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